Engaging Your Fans on Social Media: 3 Great Ideas from Football

Running a successful business does not just begin and end with gaining customers and followers. You have to keep them engaged so that their attention will not go anywhere else.

Football is no exception. Fans have short attention span, and if you fail to sustain their interest and loyalty in what your company has to offer, you need to beef up your social media strategies.

Here are three things to learn from football that you can apply to your social media marketing campaigns:

Give Your Online Audience a Stadium Experience

Using your social media channels (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), why don’t you give your fans a one-of-a-kind stadium experience online? This gesture will surely be a hit among your fans. Give them the front-row treatment, and they will love your brand even more. One classic example is when Google and Manchester United brought 20+ fans from across the world to the Theatre of Dreams via a Google Hangout.

Ask for Feedback and Value Your Fans’ Opinions

Letting your fans feel that you are all ears and appreciative to whatever they say in your social networks will definitely do wonders to your online engagement. Juventus Football Club, for instance, picks top 20 tweets from fans every month. It is one effective way to let your fans know that you acknowledge their existence and care about their feedback enough to spend a few minutes of your time to feature or respond to them.

Crowdsource to Gather Ideas from Fans

You can set up polls asking your fans to vote on—for example—logo designs, favorite teams or players, and other topics that they are interested in. Aside from engaging your fans, this is also an effective way to get insights as to the type of content that you can post on your social media sites in the future.

When it comes to successful social media marketing, we are talking not just about the number of fans but also the number of likes, shares, comments, subscriptions, and other social engagements. So try implementing these three ideas and watch your social engagements soar.

How to Make Money in Football: 3 Profitable Ways to Make it Big in the Industry

More than just a form of entertainment, sports like football have great potential as an income generator. In fact, there are plenty of businesses that grow in this niche. Do you plan to take the same route? There are four areas in football where you can invest your money, time, and energy and get returns in the long run.

Football Business/Sports Management

Apparently, this is the obvious choice for anyone looking to earn money from football. This sport has made a huge impact on transfers of players, sponsorships, infrastructure development, and TV rights. It comes as no surprise, as football has the power to evoke emotions, overcome cultural and social barriers, and bind communities together.

Are you interested in this field? To get started, educate yourself by taking online classes that cover a variety of football business topics featuring pros from the sports industry as speakers. Some online programs even arrange visits to sports facilities and clubs so that students can have the opportunity to learn from sports managers themselves on the typical challenges they encounter.

Sports Marketing

Marketing and sponsorship have a significant contribution to football business success, which is why there is an increasing demand for sport marketing professionals not just in sports companies but also in non-profit organizations, foundations, and associations.

So if you are a football enthusiast who is well-versed in offline and digital marketing, then a career as a sports marketer is for you.

Football Coaching

Beyond using technical and strategic knowledge to steer football players toward triumph, coaching entails the ability to manage every aspect of the game: yourself (as a coach), your players, staff, the entire team, and the football environment.

This career option is ideal for former football players with strong leadership skills who want to develop themselves into a good coach. Planning on pursuing this career path? A great place to start is an online program that will help you understand how coaching, leadership, and team dynamic work all together.

Does any of the three football business areas appeal to you? Let us know by leaving a comment here.

4 Expert Tips on Promoting Your Football Business via Digital Marketing

Social media and the internet have made communication and connection easier between football companies, clubs, sponsors, players, and fans. Here is a collection of pro tips to help you leverage digital marketing for reaching out to your stakeholders in your football business.

1. Know Your Audience

Not all audiences are the same, so what will appeal to one group may be boring to another. The key is to segment your audience—get to know their needs and preferences. This way, you know the best approach and do not only capture their attention but also avoid offending anyone.

2. Reach Out to the Millennials

The younger audience is the most tech savvy among all age groups. They have access to smartphones and tablets, and they are incredibly good at it. How to gain their attention? Create and post social media content such as inspirational videos and stories about individual players who can become their heroes or idols not just in football but life in general.

3. Be Aware of the Risks

The risks involved in the digital sphere has to do with trust and brand reputation. Break them, and soon you will lose your audience. For example, if you over-promote your team online, you will just turn people off. If your website does not offer privacy and data protection for your visitors, people will not visit it anymore. So plan your digital marketing strategies accordingly.

4. Manage Cyberbullies and Trolls

If left unmanaged, trolls and bashers can have devastating effects on the reputation if your business, team, or players on social media. That will put your marketing efforts in vain. So before they start attacking your social networks, put some control measures in place. Consider hiring admins or moderators who will focus on handling abusive and offensive comments.

Digital marketing is a worthwhile endeavor for football business owners and managers. Do it right, and you will have a great time connecting with your audience on the internet and social media.

How to Promote Your Football Team Online: A Guide for Sports Managers

Getting massive support for your football entails a lot of investment in time, money, and effort—but these will not go to waste considering its many benefits. For one, you will get sponsors willing to provide financial support to your team, fans cheering on your players, and prospective players trying to be a part of your team.

All these perks you will not gain without a sound digital marketing strategy that will make your football team known to a wider audience. Below are some tips to do it right.

Create a Professional Website

Without a website, your team is as good as non-existent, especially in this digital age when anything or anyone has to be present online. So you need a professional-looking football team website that will serve as the reference point for your new fans, prospective sponsors, new players, and even journalists who want to get more information about your team. Your site will be an opportunity to make a great first impression, so make sure to build an awesome one.

Nowadays, it is easy to create a website and do it for free. WordPress, Wix.com, and similar sites are open-source platforms that allow you to build a website and customize it according to your preferences. They offer a variety of themes, plugins, and other features for enhancing the look and functionality of your site.

Build a Solid Social Media Presence

Using social media for promoting your team and connecting with your target audience makes a lot of sense. Everyone is on social media these days, so be sure to make your football team’s presence felt right where your fans are. You do not have to have accounts on all social media sites—just select the ones in which your fans are most likely to use.

It is important to know the unique advantages of using one social network over the other. Here’s a quick overview of the social media channels that sports teams can harness for their promotional efforts:

  • Twitter – Use this microblogging site to constantly update your followers on any news, announcements, and changes involving your team. It is a great place for networking with news outfits and reporters, as well as possible sponsors. Just do not forget to tap the power of hashtags to make it easier for people to find your team on Twitter.
  • Facebook – The largest social media site to date, Facebook is where you can grow your fan base. This social network makes it easy for you to see which of your posts have the highest engagement based on the number of likes, shares, and comments. You can do plenty of things on Facebook, like running polls, game results, features and pictures of your team and players, and many more.
  • YouTube – Widen your team’s reach even further by uploading videos of games and practices on YouTube. There are other ideas for YouTube videos to engage your fans and become viral—your only limit is your imagination!

Promoting your football team online is simple: just create your site and social media channels, and you’ll soon get the chance to get your team recognized by a wider audience.