Engaging Your Fans on Social Media: 3 Great Ideas from Football

Running a successful business does not just begin and end with gaining customers and followers. You have to keep them engaged so that their attention will not go anywhere else.

Football is no exception. Fans have short attention span, and if you fail to sustain their interest and loyalty in what your company has to offer, you need to beef up your social media strategies.

Here are three things to learn from football that you can apply to your social media marketing campaigns:

Give Your Online Audience a Stadium Experience

Using your social media channels (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), why don’t you give your fans a one-of-a-kind stadium experience online? This gesture will surely be a hit among your fans. Give them the front-row treatment, and they will love your brand even more. One classic example is when Google and Manchester United brought 20+ fans from across the world to the Theatre of Dreams via a Google Hangout.

Ask for Feedback and Value Your Fans’ Opinions

Letting your fans feel that you are all ears and appreciative to whatever they say in your social networks will definitely do wonders to your online engagement. Juventus Football Club, for instance, picks top 20 tweets from fans every month. It is one effective way to let your fans know that you acknowledge their existence and care about their feedback enough to spend a few minutes of your time to feature or respond to them.

Crowdsource to Gather Ideas from Fans

You can set up polls asking your fans to vote on—for example—logo designs, favorite teams or players, and other topics that they are interested in. Aside from engaging your fans, this is also an effective way to get insights as to the type of content that you can post on your social media sites in the future.

When it comes to successful social media marketing, we are talking not just about the number of fans but also the number of likes, shares, comments, subscriptions, and other social engagements. So try implementing these three ideas and watch your social engagements soar.